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At EPG, we are a insurance company that specializes in retirement/ life insurance and health insurance for high-income individuals, executives, non-profits, government entities, and businesses. We have new and improved products that could get better benefits and lower cost. How much improvement? Would you be interested if we could improve your current financial plan by 15%, 30%, 40% or more? We offer free initial consultations.

Mission: Educate about wealth and have fun

Lesson 1)   Listen before making a decision. We have a very important message for you. “We could make more money for you.”

Lesson 2)   Why do people keep their old financial plans, when they see a better plan? It’s fear. Learn to overcome fears.

Lesson 3)   Do you know how to buy insurance at wholesale? Learn to buy wholesale to get quality & lower costs.

Lesson 4)   No market crash. Have you lost money in 2008 market crash? Learn to thrive in all future crashes with our products.

Lesson 5)   Are you worried about higher taxes? Learn to earn tax-free income.​

Big Team = Big Dream + Accomplish it Big + and Increase Life

Our team at EPG are collaboration of some of the largest most reputable insurance carriers, lenders, financial managers, and financial advisors in America. We have leveraged our combined knowledge and experiences to influence the greatest likelihood of successful outcomes for our clients. What sets us apart from our competitors? “We don’t settle for just any chances of success, we will only settle with the highest chances of success”.

Our highest aspiration is to ensure our clients get paid, when they need it the most.

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