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Welcome to Executive Protection Group LLC life Insurance broker established in 2016, we serve the financial needs of non-profits, government entities, and corporations. Our value statement is to offer you the same or better coverage for a lower cost. We believe a good financial service is the ability to change and adapt to change and innovation. If your financial plan is 10 years or older, you may need to update to stay competitive. We welcome all questions, however in the spirit of truth and fairness, please allow us to present the full information, evidence, and proof before assuming any conclusion.

Passion: Share Knowledge

Financial advice to help people along their business journey, we offer our best financial opportunities that demonstrate powerful benefits that do not lead to loss, use wisely and enjoy.

Mission: Financial Literacy

1) Thinking outside the box = discovering what you don’t know and where you can improve

2) How individuals, non-profits, government entities, and companies could mitigate recession in 3 simple steps

3) Evidence and proof = simple and safe validation, math, science, experiential, historical facts

Goal: Create More Options

How safe is your money in a recession?

1) lose some or all its value

2) guarantee zero-floor or zero-lose

Vision: Warning! Warning! Warning!

Recessions are real, it’s painful, and we want to help everyone to mitigate it. May God bless you.

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Consult tax professionals for all applicable taxes.
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